Quick story for everyone visiting this site:


I bought dozen or so websites from an auction site called flippa.com (an ebay site for websites), this was one of them. I bought them from a seller who goes by Tim (this is his alias, his full “alias name” is here https://flippa.com/users/473136) on Flippa.com. Upon buying them, I learned that he never actually offered what he said he was offering through this website and others. He also didn’t send me all the sites he promised me. This raised several red flags. He also said he was selling his entire “business” to me, which turned out not to be the case (he’s still selling away on Flippa).


Not more than 2 weeks went by and my Google Adsense account was banned, one that I had for 4 years without a problem. I then alerted Google, Flippa, Paypal and Visa about the issue.


While filing paperwork with Visa to dispute the payment, I noticed that on May 5th and May 6th that the original owner managed to break into the admin sections and point the sites at his advertisements, it could have been easy as he may have left himself on as a co-admin and then removed me. He placed his advertisements again, where he is providing you with false hope of getting the codes/service that you came here for. This time he is using MY hosting plan and I’m fronting the bill for his unethical behavior. I saw that he started advertising the site on his facebook page (see below) and other places once he pointed all the advertising to him.


The reason this page you are reading now is here is because he has no access to my ftp and file directory for my websites. He cannot change this and he needs to be held responsible. I don’t want this liar/thief/crook to make a dime off of these sites while they are MY websites and I also don’t want to own these sites, they are based on false promises, which I want nothing to do with. I would much rather have my Google AdSense account back and know that the content I provide to the internet is legitimate and (hopefully) awesome content.


You can direct any complaints you have to the criminal “Tim” which is really just a friend’s screenname used by Selby (to comply with my hosting service, I will not list his last name, you can click the links to learn more about him). His real name is Sellwynn M., (Selby for short, his pseudonym is Tim, who is probably a relative’s name that Sellwynn uses for his internet identity.



Flippa: https://flippa.com/users/473136

Facebook: http://goo.gl/zzocs


Role models come in all different forms, but here is a great one, interesting how the Selby in this article has the same very unique, first and last name as the guy who ripped me off, and the accomplice to the crime listed by a credible news source shows that his partner in crime’s name is Tim. I sure hope that the guys in this article are not the same Sellwynn M, because if it is, Sellwynn M. is a parent, and a pathetic role model for his adolescent daughter. I suppose that if it is the same guy, trying to rip me off for $3,350 could be considered a big improvement from $12,000 worth of drug possession. If the scam artist and the drug possessor are indeed the same person, congratulations Sellwynn on your new sober lifestyle that instead includes spamming the internet and ripping people off! Want to see what I’m talking about? Follow this next link…